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In any season of life, there may arise a need to seek specific counsel and care due to a particular issue or struggle. Especially in this pandemic season, we have seen the rise of this need.


If you have any counselling needs, our church can help you in this difficult season with one of our pastors of counselling in order to assist and help start your journey of health and healing. We can also direct you to professionals and resources connected to our church.


For more info, please send an email to one of our pastors or our administrator (


Entering into marriage can be exciting and joyous but also daunting and even scary. In the midst of this special occasion, we offer pre-marital counselling and accountability.


This is led by our pastors with the use of the Prepare and Enrich pre-marital program.


If you are are interested in this program, please do not hesitate to email one of our pastors.


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