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The TAPESTRY is our community group ministry or small/cell groups. No matter what size an organization or community is, there is always a need for deep faith life connections on a personal level. This happens as we do life together in smaller community groups. The TAPESTRY is the very ministry to facilitate and nurture deeper faith on a personal level through our community groups.

Our community groups reflect many different walks of life, stages, seasons, backgrounds and traditions. In the midst of our diversity, we come together as one body through our community groups. This is the “TAPESTRY” that God weaves in and through the power and beauty of the Gospel.


We encourage you to connect with one of our community groups. We believe this is a critical pillar for us to grow as the body of Christ.

Image by Aedrian

•  College and Career Groups (18-25)

•  Young Adults (25+)

•   Young Couples

•  Family Group

•  Men’s Group

•   Women’s Group

Our community groups are arranged by age group, gender, and also special interests. Here are our current available community groups:


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