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We are currently preparing an interdependent model in which the English Congregation will function and be operationally independent (leadership, budget, ministry process, etc.) from the Korean congregation but relationally united with a Gospel and Christ centered essence. We are 1 spiritual family with 2 households. We will also work collaboratively with specific ministries such as the education department and missions. The hope is that God would lead us to become a community united in Christ in the midst of our diversity in order that we may be a witness to the world of His Gospel power and work.



We are a newly planted English Congregation in partnership with Grace Hanin Community Church. As a growing Korean-Canadian immigrant church, we were faced with a critical decision on how to continue God’s Kingdom work in our lives through the growing English speaking congregation. Out of God’s revelation to our leadership and congregation, we have embarked on a journey to build an interdependent model of church and ministry. EIKON CHURCH is the implementation of this interdependent vision.

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Grace Hanin Community Church and EIKON CHURCH are both part of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada (EFCC) denomination in the lower pacific district. For more information on Grace Hanin Community Church or the Evangelical Free Church of Canada, please click on one of the the links below. For more information about our statement of beliefs, please click on the link below to the EFCC statement of core beliefs.

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