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Offline offering

If you wish to give an in-person offering at church, you can submit it during the Sunday worship service. If you are writing a cheque, please write GCC on the “pay to” line. Please indicate “EIKON CHURCHin the memo section.

e-Transfer offering

If you wish to give an offering by e-Transfer, you must first have an online/mobile banking in your bank account.

1. Set up online/mobile banking and your Interac e-Transfer money transfer account in your bank account.

2. You can use your bank's online/mobile banking account to process email donations.

3. You will need to set up your own email address for Interac e-Transfer in your bank account.

4. Select your bank account number where the donation will be sent via email.

5. Please provide your email address (offering sender) and the Grace Hanin Community Church online donation email address ( Register as a Donation Recipient.

6. When donating, go to Interac e-Transfer of your bank's online/mobile banking, after selecting Grace Hanin Community Church email address ( as the recipient.

7. The amount donated by e-Transfer will be automatically deposited into Grace Hanin Community Church's online donation account. You will need to agree with the auto deposit section.

8. Set the amount and fill in the information below accurately in the memo line. If you have a member number (donation number), please write EIKON CHURCH, member number, donor's name in English (Legal Name), type and amount of donation in English. (Example: EIKON CHURCH, 33000, Eun Hye Kang, Tithe $200.00, Weekly $10.00, Missions $20.00)

9. If you do not have a member number (donation number), please write EIKON CHURCH, English name (Legal Name) of the donor, type, and amount of donation in English, address, phone number. (Example: EIKON CHURCH, Grace Hong, Tithe $200.00, Weekly $10.00, 9770 King George Blvd Surrey V3T 2V6, 778-778-7788)


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